We love CMC!!! Glenna and Susan are amazing. We love boarding at CMC and so does our dog Remy. We recently moved out of state, and actually drove 17 hours back to Texas at Christmas. We brought Remington with us just to board him at CMC. We knew he would be well cared for and loved while staying there. We used CMC for trainingwhen he was a puppy and were so pleased. It is obvious that both Glenna and Susan are wonderful ladies with a love for animals. We would highly recommend CMC for both boarding and training! - Melissa

Just dropped off our dog for her first Christmas in our family, and she will spend it with Glenna and Susan while we travel. It's great for the kids to see such wonderful, caring people loving our dog over the holidays. We all struggle with leaving our sweet Lucy over Christmas, but CMC is her home away from home and we are so thankful for Glenna and Susan. After sending Lucy to the 21 day training program we have been SO impressed with her demeanor and skills and just overall great behavior. I'm so thankful for the family we've gained in CMC. -Nicole M.

I feel very fortunate to have found Susan and Glenna, and CMC Dog Training.We needed some innovative and personal training for our new dog. It had been a while since we had a pup and we chose a high energy breed, and found ourselves needing a trainer with deep experience. CMC has provided that and more. Susan has an exceptional professional track record with AKC titles on many dogs and breeds.Regardless of the challenge, she listens and is creative, and is great to work with. I am confident that CMC can help you achieve whatever level of training you'd like. Glenna keeps everything running smoothly, don't be surprised if she talks to your dog before you. The whole facility is incredible place and a outstanding value. A full AKC competition ring and kennel facilities that you can trust. I highly recommend.                -Another satisfied client

Get a puppy for Christmas? I recommend CMC for training! We "rescued" a German Shepherd (Silke) who was 2 1/2 yrs old and had 4 (FOUR) previous owners. One of these amateurs had her in a shock collar, another put her on Prozac !! Silke's pedigree is huge...both parents are Champions and are Schutzhund trained . As I have had 4 other German Shepherds, I thought I could re-train Silke to be non-aggressive to other dogs. Wrong. CMC saved the day, and very possibly Silke's life, with loving, firm and repetitive training commands...plus a lot of homework for us. We graduated from personal classes to Group Classes (thank you Group, for putting up with us the first month), and Silke is doing very well. No charges or barking and even went "nose to nose" (Visit) with other dogs the last 2 weeks! Glenna and Susan are the best...patient, loving and very knowledgable about all types of dogs. A BIG thank you from Barbara, Greg and especially, Silke.          -Barbara

We were introduced to CMC after two new puppies joined our family - a Golden Retriever and a Shitzu. We wanted to make sure they received the proper training from the start. We couldn't be happier with their training and also the love and affection that our puppies received. Our friends love to visit even with children that have previously been shy around dogs because they had been jumped on and that doesn't happen at our home. The continued access to the obedience training has been a great reinforcement as well. With their training over we had a trip coming up. In addition to the pups we have a ten year old Golden. She had never been boarded and had always stayed at home with someone coming to care for her while we were gone. To our pleasant surprise she loved going to CMC. Now we would not consider having someone come to the house because she would not get as much attention as she does at CMC. All of our dogs love CMC. 
-Bailey, Ranger and Footprint's owners

After moving to Flower Mound over five years ago, we were very nervous about where we could leave our family member, Scout who is a Labrador. We wanted Scout to be in a safe and loving enviroment when we were going to be out of town. We checked out several places in the area, but when we went to CMC we didn't have to look any further! Susan and Glenna had treated Scout like they had known him all of his life and even gave him a great big kiss right on his nose! What a wonderful group of people who work at CMC. This is the best place to bring your pet and we know Scout is in the very best and caring hands! Thank you CMC for pampering Scout so much! You are the best! -Scout's owners

When we decided to give our then twelve year old daughter, Megan, a puppy for Christmas (2006) it came with the stipulation that the dog would be trained. After getting Comet (our now beloved Sheltie) I started looking for a place to train. When I called CMC they suggested that we come out to visit the facility and meet the staff. Once we got there it was apparent that this was the place for Megan and Comet. The thing that attracted us the most was that Megan and Comet would be able to have a private lesson each week for six weeks while they continued to work on obedience at home. During these private lessons, it was apparent that Susan and Glenna have excellent knowledge in dog training and an enormous amount of patience. After completing the private training, Megan and Comet continued to train in group lessons every week. Susan and Glenna encouraged Megan and before Comet was nine months old, they competed in their first obedience competition. Susan and Glenna spent many hours preparing Megan and Comet for the competition and were right there to watch them when they stepped into the ring for the first time. Comet has now obtained his CD and is working toward his CDX. Susan and Glenna have been there for our daughter during the tears as she showed her frustrations and during the laughter and celebrations as she and Comet conquered what seemed like impossible tasks. Susan and Glenna have helped foster a love between Megan and Comet that is a joy to watch. I can not thank them enough for everything they have done for our family. How nice it is to have a dog that listens to what you tell him to do and truly loves to please. We even took Comet on vacation to New Mexico with us last summer and we all had a wonderful time. Group lessons are something that Megan and Comet really look forward to. Comet loves to play on the agility equipment after each lesson. The two of them have also made many other friends while attending group lessons. Many of these new friends have also come to watch Megan and Comet in competitions and some have competed with her. CMC is a wonderful community of dog lovers. We have also boarded our other four legged family members at CMC. It was so much fun hearing about their antics when we went to pick them up. Susan and Glenna helped us discover things about them that we had not noticed after living with them for seven years. CMC is a wonderful loving place for dogs. We would recommend them to anyone. -Comet's owners

I can't say enough great things about CMC! They treat you like family! Susan and Glenna truly love dogs and are excellent at what they do! I have a 90 lb. yellow lab that was not trained at all from lab rescue. I could not take her for a walk without being pulled the whole time. Now she is a joy to walk and knows 10-20 commands. Whenever we have to go out of town, I never worry about my dog because I know she is in good hands. My dog, Grace, loves to go to CMC! CMC is such a blessing to us and I highly recommend them! They are the best! 
-Grace's owners

CMC is amazing! We just completed 6 weeks of private lessons with our dog, Cooper, and the progress he has made is nothing short of amazing. We rescued Cooper two months ago from a local shelter, and he knew none of his commands. CMC worked with Cooper on basic obedience training as well as training us to learn how to communicate with Cooper. The way CMC's staff understands dogs and communicates with them is unbelievable. Cooper loves CMC's staff and always wanted to work hard for them. CMC also made sure that we understood how to practice with Cooper at home, keeping his training consistent. CMC was caring, loving, and patient with Cooper, which set up an atmosphere of trust. I would highly recommend CMC Dog Training to anyone who owns a dog! -Marlene

CMC has been a godsend. We looked at a dozen places and nothing can compare. We have had the pleasure of boarding, private lessons, baths, and now group lessons. Every experience has been Outstanding. Our training with Glenna and now Susan has made our relationship with our Golden (Bailey) so much stronger. I think we learn as much if not more than she does. We take Bailey everywhere we go and we find ourselves wanting to hand out CMC business cards! If you have any doubts - don't! They will treat your dog as one of their family and their love of animals is 100% genuine. -Bailey's owners

Today our 6 month old german shepherd, Blue returned home after obedience training at CMC. Blue's energy was off the charts and she had no understanding of boundaries when we first arrived. The time and energy that Susan and Glenna gave her and the love that they poured into her has paid off in a huge way! Blue is delightful to be with. She is obedient and confident and we feel comfortable with her in all situations.Blue is not the only one to benefit from Glenna and Susan's expertise; They have been patient, excellent teachers as they have walked me through the process. They are professional, caring and gifted. Everything about CMC is excellent! -Blue's owners

If you haven't had the CMC experience yet, do yourself (and your pet!) a favor and try it. At the very least, run out to the facility for a personal visit. I did, and have never looked back. I have three Schnauzers -- two 13-year old minis, and one 8-year old Giant. They all love Glenna and Susan, and so do we. I must admit we did not find CMC because of the training (but I sure wish we had!). I found them through a neighbor who had seen an ad in a local paper. We were desperate for a boarding facility that was as much like 'home' as possible. Someplace where they weren't 'cooped-up' in a warehouse environment, where they could play, where they could eat what WE wanted them to eat, and most of all, where they would get love while we were gone. CMC met all of our needs, and much, much more. We now have a new challenge to deal with -- one of our minis has been diagnosed with Diabetes. My first phone call when I got home from the vet was to CMC, who assured me they had the experience and willingness to deal with it. There's enough to worry about when traveling -- but I never worry about our dogs. They are in excellent hands at CMC. So, what are you waiting for??? 
-Another satisfied client

Kudos to CMC Dog Training for both their outstanding boarding facility and their fantastic dog training expertise. When my daughter and I surprised my husband with our cute cuddly Golden Retriever puppy “Cheddar” about 4 years ago he was horrified since we already had an older mellow Golden at home. We quickly discovered the need to get this boy trained (the dog that is) and learned of CMC from a neighbor. We initially enrolled Cheddar in private lessons while boarding him there and couldn’t have been happier. We also attended the Saturday group training classes and with Susan and Glenna’s guidance transformed Cheddar into a very well behaved dog. We have consistently used CMC for boarding since they have always treated our dogs as if they were part of their family. At times I think our dogs weren’t quite ready to come home. After an extended absence from the weekly group training sessions, we have recently brought Cheddar back to have our daughter learn how to work with him. CMC Dog Training is top notch for all your “best friends” needs! 
-Cheddar's owners

As for boarding, it's like leaving your companion with a family member! And, you can't beat that! -Don

We cannot say enough about CMC Dog Training. We purchased a 6 week old Yellow Lab we named Butkus. He had the 2 week training, but only a few of the follow-up classes because I broke my ankle playing fetch with him in our yard. He is a wonderful addition to our family, especially since my husband and I have never had a dog. It was challenging the first 8 months, but now he is absolutely a delight. He now sleeps on his bed in our room and can be left alone for awhile without being placed in his crate. We could not have trained him ourselves. Thanks CMC! -Butkus' owners

It had been more than 12 years since I had a puppy and I knew training was essential for my sanity and my home. CMC was referred to me and once I made a personal visit, I was hooked. I chose private lessons instead of the board and train option and I couldn't have been more pleased. Susan and Glenna are committed to happy owners and happy pets and the training was both fun and demanding (you had better practice your lessons!). One of the things that makes CMC better than any other dog training I've had over the years is their ongoing weekly group classes. These have allowed me to keep challenging my dog in obedience, learn some agility, be exposed to therapy training and ensure that my dog is pleasant to be around. Their facilities for boarding are great with a wonderful play yard. The personal attention and care my dogs receive when boarding is unlike any other I've experienced. 
-Another satisfied client

Penny, our Jack Russell Terrier, was 3 paws out the door when we came to CMC. She was in the process of destoying our home (holes in the carpet and furniture). After her 2 weeks of board and train, Penny was a different dog. We enjoy our Saturday continuation training and she is so motivated that we have gone on to obedience/agility competition. Jesse and Penny have now earned 2 obedience titles (CD and CDX) and 3 agility titles (NA/NAJ/OAJ). The support and education that Susan and Glenna offer can't be matched. They are always coming up with new ideas and ways to challenge our dogs. Our senior puppy (Gimzo 12yrs) never did very well with boarding but now he prances around at CMC likes it is his 2nd home. The newest addition to our family (Murphy 2yrs) recently got an "A" on his boarding report card. "Not much barking and lots of tail wagging and kissing." Where else can your dog get a kiss goodnight when he is away from home? We never think twice about boarding our dogs at CMC. The best thing we have ever done for our dogs is to find CMC Dog Training-it is truly a home away from home. -Sharon and Jesse

If your goal is to have the best possible relationship with your dog, CMC Dog Training Facility is for you! The training, which includes YOU as well as your DOG, is based on love and affection and that love is demonstrated by that little wagging tail upon each return visit! Rosemary would love it if I traveled more without her since she loves CAMP with Glenna and Susan; however, she is so well trained that she usually goes with me! Our Saturday Group Classes are so much fun that if we have to miss one, I swear that little girl is sad all week! Stop by and visit with these folks - you will be glad you did. -Linda

A few weeks into our new life with Murphy the Chocolate Lab puppy we knew we were over our head. CMC not only trained Murphy the critical manners needed to remain with our family, they also introduced us to the sport of Obedience Trials. We now have a new hobby that provides a great activity for Murphy and our family. Susan and Glenna have contagious enthusiasm and have been absolutely great as trainers of both Murphy and me. We also use CMC to board Murphy and I swear he'd rather be at CMC than home. I would highly recommend CMC for training or boarding. -Greg